Mr. Dobbs


Hello Golden Hill! 

I am still pretty new to the Golden Hill School community, but not to teaching or Golden Hill. In the Fall of 2021, I will begin my 26th year as a teacher! Also, I love my commute to work, because I can walk to school! Yep! I live right here in Golden Hill. I get a kick out of seeing students around the community. They are always shocked to see me out of school (without a tie on). I have taught grades 4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12th (and now second!)


In addition to public school, I have five years experience teaching adults through a Master’s level course at Brandman University.  I have taught in Maryland, Virginia, and California. I have worked in struggling inner-city schools, wealthy suburban schools, and a parochial school. I am certified to teach grades k-8. I have a dual major in elementary/secondary education. My Masters is in Elementary Education, and my supplementary certificates are in multicultural diversity, gifted and talented education, and math.


It is my life philosophy that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and that all people have redeeming qualities worthy of recognition. As part of that belief, my family has hosted foreign exchange students and we have international friends in multiple countries. I enjoy RV traveling around North American and traveling to other countries to develop a better understanding and appreciation for our diverse species. To date I have visited exactly 50 countries. One more important detail, I love to laugh! See you around town!

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